40 people

expressed their readiness to buy an ExoAtlet a year before
the official start of sales. 


27 people

were selected to take part in the first clinical trials that began in Moscow in 2015. More than 700 applications were submitted. 


143 kilometres or 572 000 steps

is the total distance walked by ExoAtlet pilots in 2015-2016.
A record of 62 minutes of continual walking in an ExoAtlet was set at a clinic.


750 projects

took part in the Startup Village 2014 innovations competition. ExoAtlet was named the best team, and received a grant of 900,000 rubles ($14,000) to develop its project further.


130 million rubles ($2 million)

 is the total sum that has been invested in ExoAtlet,
including a 50 million-ruble state grant from
the Skolkovo Foundation for the second stage of the project’s development.


About 20 kilograms

the weight of ExoAtlet in its current form. As a result of another engineering solution, a decrease in the power of the engine and modularisation, the next version of ExoAtlet will be even lighter - about 15 kilograms.


At least 350,000

 Russians who are unable to work could
be returned to an active way of life with the help of ExoAtlet,
according to expert assessments. Taking into account that
the state spends up to 19 million rubles on each of them,
the compensation of economic losses could amount
to an enormous sum: around 3.8 trillion rubles